Thursday, June 18, 2009

SO much to be thankful for...

So much has happened since our last post...

Kaden had a bronchoscopy that revealed food particles in his lungs. This usually indicates reflux or aspiration. We had our second upper GI which was normal and our second MBS study which revealed a fully functional and perfect swallow. So AGAIN... no answers!

Kaden had been doing VERY well... NO ANTIBIOTICS for almost 3 months... and then the illness returned... he found a NASTY middle ear infection and an even NASTIER outer ear infection... YUCKO! In a matter of two weeks we were seen in doctors offices 6 days!!! That is exaxtly our life. The infectious disease specialist is consulting with immunology to come up with specific tests to run and find this monster that is haunting our little man. We see the pulmonologist again this Friday and who knows what that will bring. There are so many more details that I am excluding but I have said this story so many times that I am at a lose for words... If anyone has questions you may shot an email.

KADEN is TWO!!!! The party was wonderful despite the doctors attempts to admit him to the hospital the day before... they are always trying to ruin the fun. I will post pics and such from the shinanigans sooon. GOD BLESS!


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